Victorian outbreak verses NSW outbreak Winter 2020 verses 2021

Author: Micheal Martin FAICD, Managing Director, C-Suite Safety Solutions C-Suite Insights
Have they really? The narrative is all about NSW struggling and NSW discriminating and NSW protestors are so terrible. Does this sound familiar?

All these issues occurred in Victoria 12 months ago. Remember the towers "locked up" in Melbourne last year? Remember the protests in the western suburbs? Remember the government failures around hotel quarantine?

When you look at the comparison between the two states over basically the same number of days, there is no exponential growth in NSW. Unfortunately we are subjected to media drama which only really serves the press and those who are triggered by their rights being impacted on.

It is clear that 12 months down the track the ability to meet this more virulent strain of the virus head on is much better than it was. Business knows what to do (take aged care for example) contact tracing is more advanced and the vaccines are assisting in reducing serious illness.

Once we protect those who must be protected, we need to prioritise the vaccine roll-out on those who grease the wheels of our economy. The people who will ultimately carry a virus during future outbreaks must be next in line. 

The virus is here for some time yet so these members of our community must be able to continue working when minor outbreaks occur. It's time to get on the front foot and double the benefit from our efforts. We need to mitigate the risk to people and prosperity.

About Micheal Martin FAICD, Managing Director, C-Suite Safety Solutions

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