What is Safety Compliance Training?

At every workplace there are essential training requirements that support a safe system of work so you meet your legal obligations and other agreed arrangements. 

C-Suite Safety Solutions provides real world practical training in the following:

  •  Director & Duty of Care Officer 
  •  Management Obligations 
  •  General Safety Awareness 
  •  Injury management Awareness
  •  Emergency Control Organisation Training
  •  Fire Safety Awareness (General)
  •  Risk Assessment Training
  •  Incident Investigation Training

How is Safety Training Conducted?

There are various methods of training available. C-Suite Safety Solutions always leans toward the most effective training according to your needs. 

Our training can be tailored and conducted as Onsite Group training, Online training, or One-on-One training. 

Where we are not certified to conduct training we introduce you to our trusted partners to make sure you get the certification you need.

We find that onsite group training brings the team together in their shared learnings. 

Talk to us today about about what you need!