​Why are incident investigations important?

Regardless of the severity, when a workplace incident occurs, it is important to investigate the root cause to learn how and why the incident happened. When you know why you can take steps to prevent a recurrence.

An objective investigation using a proven method to uncover the true reason will build trust in your team and reassure team members that there is a genuine intent to protect them from the risk of harm.

An analysis is then conducted to identify any processes that need improving to create a safer workplace. By working with an experienced team to identify the most appropriate way forward you will save time and money whilst ensuring the safety of your people.

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How is a workplace incident investigation conducted?

An investigation usually involves a team that includes a WHS expert with relevant people on-site, to identify the chain of events that lead to the incident. 

Once you advise us that an incident has occurred, we will attend your site to carry out or help lead the investigation. We will:

  • Identify the root cause of the incident
  • Document the learning outcomes
  • Develop a corrective action plan
  • Establish a monitoring program
  • Close out any notices issued by an inspector

We can then design and deliver training face to face or remotely to ensure key people understand what has occurred and what their responsibilities are moving forward.