What are the Essential Safety Policies?

Safe and compliant workplace Policies & Processes are an essential requirement of any workplace. We work with you to integrate safety into your established steps and processes, to ensure everyone plays their part.

When introduced effectively, workplace Policies and Processes should:

  •  Reflect the mission, vision, and values of the business
  •  Outline delegations, accountabilities and immediate actions
  •  Describe the process to identify and mitigate risk
  •  Outline the preferred control measures for your business
  •  Describe how employees must comply with their legal WHS obligations
  •  Ensure safe hiring and recruitment of new people
  •  Be aligned to Occupational Health and Safety standards (ISO 45001:2018)

Why are Safety Policies so Important?

Being aware of and following Workplace Safety Policies & Processes is the duty of anyone in a workplace. Workplace Safety Policies & Processes enable Workplaces to comply with legal obligations and safety standards. 

C-Suite Safety Solutions is a leader in developing safety that is embedded or integrated into your way of working, so you can experience:

  •  The most efficient operations
  •  A safety-first culture
  •  Identified and managed hazards and risks
  •  Minimisation of workplace incidents & injury
  •  Minimisation of employers/site managers receiving government fines or prosecution

Develop Policies and Processes

Our workplace safety consultants are accredited safety auditors who understand the most effective and essential aspects of policy and process development. 

Your legal obligations will be met, your team will be safe, and your operations will be efficient. Our Policy and Process experts will work with you to:

  •  Align your policy & processes with the latest regulations & standards
  •  Ensure your policy & processes comply with your obligations, whilst operations remain efficient
  •  Confirm that all key people know their responsibilities
  •  Boost your ability to keep up with your competitors through including best practices
  •  Include emerging and innovative solutions to your policy & processes
  •  Identify and prioritise efforts in our facilitated workshops