Should we check Board Paper Content?

Board Paper content needs to be reviewed at least every two years. Circumstances change, risk evolves and emerges, obligations can become more complex. C-Suite Safety Solutions are experts in Safety Governance. 

Make sure your board papers contain the appropriate content, demonstrate your duty of care, and you are routinely reviewing the key requirements of your statutory obligations as an officer of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).

Our expert team can pass on the hints and tips to make safety governance effective. Working with you to establish your risk appetite, and aligning processes and systems, to ensure that risk tolerance means we can save you time and worry.

When should we conduct Reviews?

The best time to complete a review is when all is well. When you conduct an objective external review you bring a fresh perspective to your way of working.

As an objective third-party, the team at C-Suite Safety Solutions focus on all internal processes to ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements are met. 

We also look at the great work being performed to assist in cultural development and positive engagement. Lead your organisation with a positive approach by being proactive today.

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