Looking to expand your Safety Team?

Do you need someone on-site or on-line, part-time or full-time?

What technical skills do they need? What leadership skills does they need?

If you are looking to recruit a new team member or safety leader, our team has the expertise to ensure you select the most appropriate candidate for your workplace. 

Rely on safety professionals who have done the work, led the teams and produced the results. 

Whether it is pre-screening, short-listing, or support during interviews, our safety leaders have the experience and knowledge to ensure the skills and attributes of your next appointment meets your needs.

Can you provide a Safety Business Partner for my business?

You may not need a full time safety resource, or you may be looking to make safety a part of every role.

C-Suite Safety Solutions has a varied team of safety leaders who can step in for short term or long term part-time support.

Experienced, qualified, and certified our team provides support in your industry covering all facets of safety and injury management. 

Call us today to discuss your needs.