Safety Audits that Add Value

Our team brings diverse experience which has honed our skills to ensure every safety audit adds value to your organisation. Right from the start, we bring your people together, ensuring that our safety assurance programs deliver results and measure your success.

From one-off safety audits, to ongoing safety management programs that measure your ongoing improvements, C-Suite Safety Solutions has the proficiency to grow and develop your approach toward safety, with continual improvement.
We measure your advancement, so you can celebrate your success. Our safety audits can be expanded to encompass whole-of-business assurance, or aligned to national and international standards for safety, environmental and quality management.

Where on-site access is restricted, our workplace safety consultants can lead you through the steps virtually, to ensure your peace of mind and success.                                                                         

Experts in remote and online safety audit processes, we add value by reducing your costs, whilst reviewing the components of your system to identify areas to improve efficiency. 

C-Suite Safety Solutions’ certified WHS Auditors follow the guidance outlined in ISO 19011:2018 - Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems - to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

This includes the following seven principles of auditing:

  • Integrity – Honesty, Diligence and Responsibility.
  • Fair Presentation – Truthful and Accurate findings.
  • Due Professional Care – Sound judgements and due care.
  • Confidentiality – Security of information.
  • Independence – Free from bias or conflict of interest.
  • Evidence Based Approach – Reliable and able to be reproduced.
  • Risk Based Approach – addresses risk and considers opportunities.

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