Meet your Safety Governance Obligations

The C-Suite Safety Solutions team is made up of safety champions, with first-hand experience in safety governance.

We are experts that have Board experience, either as Company Directors or the Head of Safety in privately held, not-for-profit and ASX listed organisations. 

We combine our knowledge of the law with practical expertise, to significantly influence organizational leaders

Whether you need support with on-boarding a new Director, Board Member refresher-training, or committee evaluation, we can assist you to meet your obligations in Safety Governance.

Additionally, if you are working toward improved Safety Governance, C-Suite Safety Solutions can provide the mechanisms and drivers to ensure you discharge your obligations as an Officer or Director of a company.  

Our team is familiar with proven and emerging software solutions. 

The C-Suite Safety Solutions team are the industry experts to call when considering in-house evaluations, specification documents, vendor selection and project implementation.

Reduce your costs and ensure your project is on time by including a C-Suite Safety Solutions specialist in your project implementation team today - workplace safety consultants who have proven track records in achieving effective, efficient reporting. 

We collaborate with your team to influence the thinking and drive change that creates the desire for ongoing quality. We provide direct support to ensure you are capturing the necessary data that will enable you to measure vital information.

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